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About Us


Debt Therapy (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2005 by our CEO Reinhard Pettenburger, when the National Credit Act was introduced in 2007, Debt Therapy was one of the first registered Debt Counsellors in South Africa, NCRDC49. From humble beginnings, Debt Therapy (Pty) Ltd has grown into a leader in the Industry without ever compromising our motto “Integrity Guaranteed”.

Our sole purpose is to assist over indebted consumers live the life they deserve and work hard for. This is done by renegotiating the client’s terms of their credit and working with credit providers to ensure that the consumer pays an amount they can afford and become DEBT FREE. Our clients range across all income brackets, and all provinces of South Africa.


Vision Statement

Debt Therapy sees itself expanding within the market; however this will be done at a pace that is sustainable to ensure that quality and service are never compromised.

Mission Statement

At Debt Therapy we strive to be the best and remain competitive in the current market, always leading from the front. Our motto “Integrity Guaranteed” remains at the forefront of our business, as a company without integrity we will never be able to grow and build future leaders.


We will adhere to all the regulated guidelines of the national credit act, encompassing fee structure, legal process’s and will conduct all related business activities in the best interest of our clients.

Business goals and objectives

Our aim is not to be the biggest, but to be the best in the industry. To build long Term relationships with creditors based on our principles and values and to be respected amongst all players in the industry.

Economic intent

To grow our base of clients not on greed but on attitude of helping those who need it. To be able to give back to the poorer communities by offering sustainable sponsorship and donations.


Financial assessment to determine the clients over indebtedness

Once client has signed, creditors are updated and certificates of balances are requested.

Proposals are then sent to creditors to obtain acceptances

Client makes payment on a regular monthly basis.

A court order is obtained confirming the new payment arrangement

Once debt is settled a clearance certificate is issued.


There are a lot of Debt Counsellors available to the consumer, the consumer must always ensure that they check the history of the Debt Counsellor, ensure that they are registered and investigate the Debt Counsellor via social media to ensure they choose the right Debt Counsellor. There are many “good” and “bad’” Debt counsellors out there and educating the consumer to realise that the cheapest repayment is often not the answer in getting them Debt Free which often has the opposite effect.

What sets Debt Therapy apart from the rest

Debt Therapy Awards

We take pride in our motto “integrity guaranteed”, each client is like a member of our family. Personalised service, we are not a call centre; management is available at any time to assist a consumer. Our reputation and relationship with the credit providers has earned us the respect of being known as a company who goes the extra mile and we will fight for our clients if we feel the credit provider is treating them unfairly.

We don’t pass judgement on our clients, we understand that in these economic times it is not easy and we will encourage and motivate throughout the duration of debt review to make sure that they achieve their goal, we see it as a partnership and journey with our client. Nothing makes us prouder than when we issue a clearance certificate.

Debt Therapy Achievements over the years

Unofficial preferred Debt Counsellor of Choice by the Top 4 Banks in SA

2014 Top 5 Large Debt Counselling Companies in SA

2015 Top 5 Large Debt Counselling Companies in SA

2016 Top 5 Large Debt Counselling Companies in SA

2017 Top 5 Large Debt Counselling Companies in SA

2018 Top 5 Large Debt Counselling Companies in SA

2019 Winner Large Debt Counselling Companies in SA

2017 Won a high Court application brought against the Magistrate where we challenged the interest ruling as interpreted by the magistrate. Debt Therapy paid all legal costs involved.


Challenged FNB on the splitting of their accounts, and threatened both legal and social media exposure which resulted in FNB backing down from this practice.


Debt Therapy and other partners were responsible in putting the legal processes behind the Debt Review process. Nothing was in place and guidelines were set up which has since been replicated by many Debt Counsellors in South Africa

Involved in the development of the Task Team rules between all shareholders in the Industry

Debt Therapy
Debt Therapy

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